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Survey Response Rates

Survey response rates went from 10% to over 50%

Interactive Surveys

Surveys became more interactive, swift and convenient

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Easily create conversational survey bots

Why Conversational Surveys


Welcome to the world of conversational surveys where more users complete surveys than the average web survey. Why? you ask. Simple, people love to chat!
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How it Works

Bots can conduct surveys in the most engaging way possible. Creating a conversational survey and tracking outcomes have never been easier.

  • Create Messenger or webchat bot
  • Add survey questions
  • Share link via email, website, social or ads
  • Users complete conversational surveys
  • Manage all surveys and responses

What Surveys?

Run hundreds of boring web surveys as conversational surveys

Run conversational surveys, collect responses and analyze data from any part of the globe

Run surveys from any part of globe

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