Expenses Reporting

Just enter simple commands to track and update expenses without ever having to leave Slack.

Tracking Your Expenses Just Got A Lot Easier

Our new expense reporting skill makes reporting reimbursable expenses as simple as having a conversation. Talk to Ace to track your expenses and make sure nothing gets missed. Then when the end of the month comes, just export your expenses and drop the CSV file into your company's accounting system.

Expense reporting features

Supercharged Expense Reporting

Ace is the easiest, quickest, and most convenient expense reporting bot on Slack. Send a direct message to Ace and update your expenses by having a quick chat. Snap a picture of your receipt and let Ace handle the rest.

Use Ace Expense Reporting to do the following:

  • Update your expenses on the go
  • Upload receipts directly to Ace
  • Organize expenses by categories
  • Download your monthly expenses in an easy to use CSV format

Update your expenses in one go by typing things like Spent 10.42 on food today or have Ace walk you through it just by typing Exp.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with AceBot

Add Ace to Slack

Click "Add Ace to #Slack" in the right corner of this page.


Select your team and then click "Authorize".

Get stuff done

That's it! Start a conversation with Acebot and get productive on #Slack.