Polls / Surveys

Get your team on the same page by creating and running surveys with one-stop results viewing.

The Voice of Your Team

If you're wondering what to call a new product or just want to pick a place for lunch, let your team decide. Leverage the power of your team by typing poll in a message to Ace to start sourcing great ideas.

Easy Polls, Easy Surveys

Your team has powerful insights. Ace's Polls & Surveys skill is the easy way to know what they're thinking without ever leaving Slack.

Here's How Ace Polls & Surveys helps your team:

  • Collect poll responses.
  • Start/Stop a poll.
  • View all open polls.
  • Get a summary of all active polls.

Start creating a poll by typing poll as a direct message to Ace and then receive notifications once your team submits feedback.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with AceBot

Add Ace to Slack

Click "Add Ace to #Slack" in the right corner of this page.


Select your team and then click "Authorize".

Get stuff done

That's it! Start a conversation with Acebot and get productive on #Slack.