Create a topic and get your team's opinion just by typing rate on Slack.

Keep Your Team Happy

Our Rate skill lets you consolidate employee feedback simply and quickly so you can know how your team feels about pretty much anything. By getting your team's feedback, you can measure and improve employee satisfaction so they stay happy.

Rate Anything With Ace

Have a new company policy? Want to assess a recent training session? Create any topic and find out what your team thinks by typing rate on Slack.

Here's How Ace Rate helps your team:

  • Get your entire team to rate a topic
  • Start/stop a topic at any time
  • Download a summary of the ratings
  • Delete a topic

Want to do more with Ace Rate? Type rate help at any time to know what else Ace can do.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with AceBot

Add Ace to Slack

Click "Add Ace to #Slack" in the right corner of this page.


Select your team and then click "Authorize".

Get stuff done

That's it! Start a conversation with Acebot and get productive on #Slack.