List of Commands

rate will get a list of all active rating topics

Team members can type rate as a direct message to Ace to participate

rate stop will give the option to pause a rating topic until you decide to activate it which can be done by the command `rate start`

rate delete allows you to delete a rating topic that you no longer need

rate summary gives you a quick summary on your rating topics

Getting stated with Rate

Type rate followed by the rating topic in order to get started with rating. Like so, rate how is the new HR policy? Rate between 0 - 5

Modifying a Rating Topic

You can delete or close a rating topic you no longer need.

Type rate delete < topic id > in order to delete the topic. Like so, rate delete a will delete topic a from your list.

To close a rating topic type rate close < topic id > . Like so, rate close b wil close topic b from your list

Type rate summary to view your rating results.