List of Commands

poll will list all of active polls

Team members can type poll as a direct message to Ace to participate in the poll

poll stop will give the option to pause a poll until you decide to activate it which can be done by the command `poll start`

poll assign #channelname to make the poll available to members of a channel only

poll delete allows you to delete a poll that you no longer need

poll summary gives you a quick summary of your polls

poll feature < feature > tell Ace about a feature you'd like to see

Getting stated with Polls/Survey

Type poll followed by your poll topic in order to get started with your polls. Like so, poll what do we call ourselves

Modifying An Active Poll

Once you have created a poll you can choose to stop a poll or start a poll and delete polls. Here is how you do it.

Stop poll

Type poll stop < poll id > to stop a poll. Like so, poll stop a will stop poll a for your team.

Start poll

Type poll start < poll id > to start a poll which was stopped. Like so, poll start a will start poll a for your team.

Delete polls

Create a poll by mistake? You can easily delete them by typing poll delete < poll id > with Ace. Like so, poll delete b will delete poll b for your team.

Type poll summary in order for you to view your poll results.