List of Commands

todo will list out all your open and assigned tasks within a team

todo add @paul launch website with new updates will get a task created and assigned to paul

todo check (strike/check/tick) marks tasks that are completed. They will continue to be visible in the main list with a ?strikethrough? indicating that the task has been completed

todo close you will be able to close any of the open tasks. These can be viewed only by using ??

todo push new updates to website ***** will create a task and prioritize it at the same time

todo delete allows you to delete a task altogether

? meeting will bring up all open tasks with the keyword meeting

?? will list out all closed tasks

todo download will download a csv file with all your open, checked and closed tasks

todo feature < feature > tell ace about a feature you'd like to see

Getting stated with Tasks

Type todo followed by your task in order to get started with your fist task. Like so, Todo launch website by EOD.

Modifying Tasks(delete, close, tick, search, prioritize tasks)

There is so much you can do with Ace. You can delete, close, tick, search and prioritize tasks on the go.

Delete Tasks

Type delete in order for you to delete a task you no longer need.


It's a good practice to close those tasks which are completed for the day. Type close followed by the < task id > to close a task. Like so, close a will close task a from your list.


Tick a task as done as you complete it. Type tick followed by the task id to tick a task like so, tick b will tick off task b from your todo list.


When you have too many todo for the day and you instantly want to action on a task you can search for it and action them. Type ? keyword like so, ? meeting This will list out the tasks that have meeting in it.

Prioritize a task

Some tasks need more priority and you can prioritize a task by giving them stars. More stars = High Priority Like so, todo launch website by EOD ***** this task will be on priority in your todo list

Ace can help you stay organized and productive by viewing summary of your todo's. Type todo to view the summary of your tasks.