Why AceBot is thevirtual assistant for Your Enterprise

AceBot is already on

We know the biggest to the smallest enterprise pain points. We also know the Bot landscape having navigated it successfully. AceBot brings these two worlds of Bots and Enterprises together through a unique set of bot enterprise solutions to improve business processes and make complex tasks simpler.

Conversational Flows

Based on Natural Language processing, AceBot can carry out multiple conversation flows with users that appear almost human-like.

Data on the cloud

We offer cloud based chatbot solutions with Microsoft Azure as our cloud partner.

Audit Trail

Track entire trail of interactions and communications received and sent, to and from AceBot.


We ensure that our bot ecosysytem is secure. All bot conversations and communications are 256 bit encrypted SSL.

Chat Platforms

We are present across multiple chat platforms Slack, Teams, Messenger, Web Chat.

Data Extraction & Analytics

AceBot can make sense of user conversations and extract qualified data in various formats and templates. Tasks like data updates and queries can be automated while capturing Data Analytics for your business.


Improved internal business processes. Seamless Data exchange between departments. Automated conversations with business partners, distributors and consumers. The business problems that can be solved with AceBot's chatbot solutions are endless.

Our client offers rental properties across 5 prime cities and hence have always been inundated with property related queries and requests. A lot of lead generation as well as user engagement happens on social media which is difficult to handle manually, on scale. AceBot’s interactive chatbot solution allows our client to handle customer engagement in a non-intrusive conversational manner on social media while maintaining client’s brand identity and image.

Our client offers predictive marketing analytics to businesses and are required to collect customer insights and feedback on scale. However, this has proved to be a cumbersome task with inaccurate results for our client, especially since customers are expected to take time out of their busy schedule to fill lengthy feedback forms and give ratings. With AceBot’s chatbot solution, Our client is now able to collect thousands of highly accurate customer reviews at a time, via chat on Social Media. The chatbot solution schedules these surveys at the customers’ convenience.

Our client provides home care products to consumers and required a way to connect and assist customers via chat, round the clock. AceBot’s chatbot solution handles queries for multiple product categories, as well as guide the consumer with vendor location and best quote for services. Our client can now handle customer needs via chat.

Our client needed an interactive solution for their online platform designed to interact with kids and increase their knowledge. AceBot offers a chatbot companion that interacts with young students as they explore and increase their knowledge.