Why AceBot is the best virtual assistant for Your Enterprise

We know the biggest to the smallest enterprise pain points. We also know the Bot landscape having navigated it successfully. AceBot brings these two worlds of Bots and Enterprises together through a unique set of bot enterprise solutions to improve business processes and make complex tasks simpler.

Conversational Flows

Based on Natural Language processing, AceBot can carry out multiple conversation flows with users that appear almost human-like.

Data on the cloud

We offer cloud based chatbot solutions with Microsoft Azure as our cloud partner.

Audit Trail

Track entire trail of interactions and communications received and sent, to and from AceBot.


We ensure that our bot ecosystem is secure. All bot conversations and communications are 256 bit encrypted SSL.

Chat Platforms

We are present across multiple chat platforms Slack, Teams, Messenger, Web Chat.

Data Extraction & Analytics

AceBot can make sense of user conversations and extract qualified data in various formats and templates. Tasks like data updates and queries can be automated while capturing Data Analytics for your business.


Complete Customer Support

An end to end customer support from pre-sales to post-sales

Product Identification

Helps customers identify the right product based on their needs


Acebot answers all your product and service related queries

Product Registration

A dedicated product registry and information catalogue.


Channel Support

Provides full-time support to all business channels including the sales team and dealers

Product Information Requests

Equips the customers with detailed information on product specifications

Product Status

Provides a complete report on the product availability, and update product delivery status

Dealer Assignment

Assigns dealers based on the customer's requirements and location