Customer Conversations

Feedback from customers is hard to get. Tired by the process of filling endless boring forms, customers are looking for a conversation, a candid mobile chat which is more personalized.

Have A Conversation With Your Customers

AceBot's customer conversations do just that! AceBot enables you to have a conversation with your customers and collect feedback at the same time. We call this feedback 2.0

Emotion Enabled

Your customer conversations are enabled with Emotion AI. This means all your open-ended/free text responses can be categorized based on sentiment in real time, giving you the ability to ask follow-up questions based on the emotions derived.

Structured Feedback

Conversational surveys are a great way to keep your customers engaged but that does not mean they are not structured. AceBot's conversational surveys are not only engaging but they also get structured data in a simple csv or xls format.

Event Based

Have a conversation and gather feedback based on events - store or website visit, fortnightly or monthly conversations. When it's a conversation, it can happen as often as you'd like.

How Does It Work

Purchase made
Receipt Generated
Signup completed

Event based email sent to Customer to have a conversation with you

URL clicked

Get structured data and understand your customer

See 50% to 80% Completion Rates

Engaged Conversation Started

Experience The Entire Process Here

Start a conversation with a customer feedback conversation here


Ready To Make The Switch?

It's time to engage your respondents in conversations that are more personalized. Get in touch with us here or email us at and let's work on getting you Customer Conversation ready.