Research Conversations

We know getting good research feedback is hard to come by. With web survey industry standard completion rates at 5% to 10%, this makes a researcher's job even more difficult. It's time to have Research Conversations instead.

Improved Research Conversations

AceBot is your survey assistant that collects responses through a structured and engaging conversation. Unlike traditional web surveys and forms, AceBot's conversational surveys don't show an endless screen of questions. Each survey respondent experiences a personalized and engaging conversation and is guided through the entire surveying journey. It's no surprise our surveys see over 80% completion rates as compared to web-survey standards!

Structured Conversations

Create structured conversations, ask your questions and collect responses 10x faster than normal surveys. Choose from multiple message types including single select, multiple choice, ranking, grid based questions. Share multiple media types such as videos, images and gifs and get instant feedback!

Emotion Enabled

Ask a set of structured questions and free text questions. Get open-ended responses from users, let Emotion AI do its magic. AceBot's emotion AI technology recognises sentiment from free text questions and triggers questions based on sentiments derived!

Custom Variables

Connect to your panel or bespoke solution and get the ability to pull custom variables for each interaction including respondent ID, rewards etc. along with routing to your custom end pages.

How Does It Work?

Define audience and panel(use yours or use one of our panel partners)

Respondent contacted and requested to participate in survey.

URL clicked

Get structured data delivered and run your analysis

See 50% to 85% Completion Rates

Engaged Conversation Started

Experience The Entire Process Here

Start a conversation with a research study here


Ready To Make The Switch?

It's time to engage your respondents in conversations that are more personalized. Get in touch with us here or email us at and let's work on getting you Research Conversation ready.