Can checklists transform your life? Yes, they can!

  • Jun 16, 2016

If you have a checklist to look at, you can navigate through the toughest day at work by prioritizing tasks.

Our task managing companion AceBot, efficiently makes short work of complicated to-do lists and can definitely boost efficiency.

AceBot can be your ideal task manager to improve your productivity and prioritize your life. Here’s how:

  1. No more time wasted trying to remember daily tasks
  2. Reduced risk of forgetting important stuff
  3. It’s all on Slack. All in one window
  4. No more hunting for pen and paper. Add tasks on the go
  5. Retrieving your todo list is so easy, It’s a waste of space just explaining how!
  6. Closing, deleting, ticking tasks of your list is even easier!
  7. Share or assign tasks with the team
  8. No more sticky-notes or loose pages. You’ll actually be saving trees too!

You can check out AceBot at  or on Slack

So don’t forget to start working on your checklist. Here’s to effective checklists and organised days ahead!