How Slack Helps Strengthen Your Team

  • November 04, 2016

It’s a fact of life that mistakes happen. When they do occur, the cause is typically one of two reasons—not having the right tools for the job or poor communication. Regardless of your role on your team, Slack is a tool that helps set you up for success and also minimizes communication mishaps. Here are some of the ways that Slack has helped strengthen teams across industries since it was first launched just two short years ago.

Simplifying Working Remotely

Working remotely requires a stronger emphasis on communicating effectively because it’s hard to replace the experience of physically working alongside your team. Since more people are working remotely than ever before, teams need tools that help close the communication gap so they can do great work despite being separated by long distances.

Talk to any team of remote workers and you’ll probably hear how they have to check a variety of different apps and tools to stay up to date on their various projects. But with Slack, you can get all your notifications for all your different tools in one centralized location, and have a dedicated channel to collaborate with teammates for each tool. This way, remote workers can more closely interact with their team, and the entire team grows stronger by doing so.

Everything is Searchable

Have you ever had to find a particular email from a thread that hasn’t been active for a few weeks? It’s not fun. In fact, it’s kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Slack makes it easy to dig up that long lost message from last month that contains the valuable nugget of information you need to complete a project. Let’s say you’re looking for a message about responsive design. You can start by searching for the words ‘responsive design’ to find instances of either of those words in a previous message. To go deeper, you can also add quotes and search for “responsive design” to only search for instances where those two words were used together. If you’re not exactly sure what search terms to use but have a general idea, Slack search has a stemming functionality, which means searching for a term like design will also yield results for designer, designing, and other related words as well. If you add a minus sign (for example: responsive -design) you’ll see a list of every time the word responsive was used without the word design. These are just a handful of the many Slack search tricks that can help strengthen your team.Go here for a more in-depth list of other cool search functionality

File Sharing

If your company is anything like ours, your team probably shares tons of files throughout a given day. Between sharing prototypes of a new product or transferring design files, spreadsheets, or the occasional funny YouTube video, we all need our communication tools to make file sharing easy, and that’s exactly what Slack does.

It all starts with integrations into popular tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and a ton more. In just a few clicks, you can share files to an individual coworker or your whole team. Need to share a file with someone outside your organization? Slack makes it easy to generate a public link that you can share to a client or anybody external from your organization.

Some of our favorite Slack file sharing functionalities are drag and drop and copy and paste. For certain types of files like images, you can drag and drop them right into Slack or copy and paste files and then decide who you want to share them with. When you’re sharing hundreds of files a week, it’s the little things like these that add up to hours saved and productivity gained.

These are just some of the ways that Slack can help strengthen your team. Since Slack is open source and developers are constantly iterating on new functionality, be on the lookout for other ways where Slack can become an even more valuable tool than it is already. What are some of the ways that Slack helps strengthen your team?