How to build a Lean and Productive Sales Team using Slack

  • Feb 17, 2017

Sales teams are the front-line for any business. They are the people who can directly impact profits and generate revenues. Be it contacting leads, frequent follow-ups, refining client pitches or converting customers the pressure to generate sales can be relentless.

Traditionally, the spotlight has always been on meeting sales targets while neglecting to improve sales processes. To track sales activities, Sales Managers often end-up dumping complex reporting and data entry tasks on Sales executives. This can be completely counter-productive. Sales people need to spend more time on the field actively pursuing leads and less time cleansing lead data or updating tracker sheets.

How can you better equip your Sales teams so that they have more time to strategize and close deals? Here’s how you can build a more effective and simplified Sales Pipeline using Slack and our Lead Manager, AceBot.

Get your Sales Team on Slack

It’s one of the best team collaboration tools out there and works like magic. Especially for a sales team that is mobile and constantly on the move, platform is not a constraint as there are Mobile / Web / Desktop versions of Slack. On Slack, members can easily stay updated, exchange spreadsheets and other documents, assign responsibilities and interact with the team. Conversational UI is what sets Slack apart. With a chat platform like Slack and chatbot like ace lead data and status can be updated by simply - chatting.

Provide sales folks with better data

Say on an average you receive 20 leads a week. How many of those leads are followed up with and how do you identify potential hot leads? It is crucial to supplement your Sales team with well-structured and clean data on their leads so that they can prioritize and get into action mode instantly. With AceBot, the Sales Manager can easily Assign leads to a Sales Rep with relevant tags like Opportunity (60% win), Competitors, Industry (Tech), Business Value ($10,000) etc. This way a sales rep can view lead information, action related tasks promptly and are well-armed to tackle more leads in their Sales Funnel.

Streamline reporting and save time

Demanding too many reports from your team takes up valuable time that can be used for business development. Do away with complicated spreadsheets and redundant tasks. Team members need only snap a picture of a visiting card or message the lead name and contact details to Ace. Ace will maintain your entire lead list and update the tasks or opportunity against each lead, all of which can then be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

Here’s how AceBot can save time for you. You can get Ace to assign leads, update lead status and tasks, integrate with existing CRM, all this by just chatting with Ace on Slack. With the right tools like Slack and AceBot you will enable your people to do what they do best – sell.