The New Way To Manage Your Expenses

  • October 06, 2015

It’s the last Friday of the month and you have a full day of back-to-back meetings with only a small window of opportunity to get things done. Once you get into the office, you answer some emails, prepare for your first meeting, and start to plan the rest of your day. Everything is going smoothly until you look at the calendar.

Then it hits you. Your expense report is due, today. After digging up old receipts and manually entering expenses line by line on a spreadsheet according to the project, expense category, and date, you think to yourself there has got to be a better way to submit expense reports .

And there is. Enter AceBot—a Slackbot that makes reporting reimbursable expenses as simple as having a conversation. The way it works is simple. Get started by installing Ace on your Slack channel and then once you incur expenses, message exp to Ace. From there, Ace walks you through the entire process by asking you things like how much did you spend? , what did you spend it on? , and when did you spend it?. You can also add notes to each expense or upload an image of a receipt for your records. So now when the end of the month comes, just tell Ace to export your expenses and drop the CSV file into your company's accounting system and you're all set.

Why did we choose to turbocharge expense reporting? Because we'd been there before, just like you. We're big believers in driving productivity across teams, and expenses were a real use case of how automating low level tasks can help teams be more productive.

Handling expense reports is only one of many things that Ace can do to help your team. For other ways to spend less time doing mundane tasks and more time crossing tasks off your todo list, check out our other features like task manager, polls, and rate.