Top Slackbots to Add to Your Slack Channel

  • Aug 29, 2016

While AceBot is great at managing expenses, driving productivity, and managing todo’s, there’s a variety of other Slackbots that can help your team get stuff done, and a bunch of others to help you have some fun in the process. Take a spin through the list below to view some of Team AceBot’s personal favorites.

For Teams


Described as your new digital coworker, Howdy specializes in helping teams with four main tasks–on the fly stand-up meetings, scheduled reports from your team, custom reports, and most importantly...lunch orders! OK, we’re joking about the last one being the most important, but having a bot that do everything from managing teams to answering the eternal question of chicken or tofu is seriously impressive.


When working across teams it can be hard to know what everybody is up to at a given moment. Scrumbot serves as an agile assistant and gathers and summarizes data from your team so you can be prepared when you head into scrum every morning. This way, you can look like a rockstar when you already know what’s done, what’s in progress, and if there are any blockers.


Designers everywhere love Invision because it lets them prototype apps in staging environments to get a real feel of how their app will look, feel, and function. But with the Invision Slackbot, whenever a team member makes a change to a project, you’ll automatically receive a Slack notification. Top design teams like Uber, Twitter, and Evernote are already using it provide faster feedback, accelerate design reviews, and more.


Chat, calls, and email can only take you so far, and sometimes you just need to talk to somebody face to face through a video call. However, a lot of popular video conferencing tools are cumbersome and require PIN codes and logins that can slow you down when you need to meet fast. But with Appear.In’s video browsing directly in Slack, it’s never been easier to sync with your team in just one click.


If someone finds an error in your company’s code, devs need to know yesterday, and the same can be said for when an existing error gets marked as resolved. So that’s exactly what Airbrake set out to do–send notifications whenever an error pops up or one gets resolved, right in your Slack channel.


As the saying goes “a screenshot is worth 1,000 keystrokes”...or something like that. Screenbot not only makes it easy to share screenshots, it also lets you annotate them to get your point across, record a screencast as a gif, or even record a high quality video complete with audio narration and overdubs.


Handing off files and interaction notes between design teams and dev teams can be tricky process, and there’s nothing worse than putting in tons of time on a project to lose something in translation. Zeplin bridges the gap between design and dev by auto-generating style guides, specs, and assets.


What if there was a way to talk live with your site visitors directly from Slack without using another chat client? Look no further, because Chatlio lets you do exactly that. Now, you can provide efficient support to your visitors using your favorite chat tool that you already use, Slack.

Team Time Zone

So if it’s 1pm here in San Jose and Marcus is working in New York and Eric is in France and Sameera is in India that means that Marcus is three hours ahead, Eric is nine hours ahead and Sameera is twelve and a half hours ahead. With Team Time Zone, you can instantly view what time it is for your team members and save yourself the hassle of doing all that math.


By combining Google Analytics and Mixpanel for Slack, Statsbot lets you track your metrics the right way, in the tools you already use. Whether you want to do data analysis, schedule reports and metrics, or get notifications about spikes in data, Statsbot has you covered, Over 14,000 teams are already using it to send over 40,000 reports per week. Pretty impressive.

Just For Fun

Poncho The Weathercat

A Slackbot that can instantly tell you what the weather is like anywhere in the world is already pretty cool, but when you can do that by talking with cat that sends memes and gifs, the awesome factor goes through the roof. Previously, Poncho used to be available through email and text, but now you have the coolest cat on the block on demand right in your Slack channel, whatever the weather.


Whether you’re waking up early, staying up late, or grinding to finish a project on time, do you ever wish you had somebody you could vent to? Well friends, the search is over. Lay down on the couch and meet EllieBot–the world’s first psychotherapist Slackbot that will always hear you out.


We’ve all been there before–someone sends you a really helpful or funny link but then it gets lost in your messages. That’s exactly the problem that Lurchr solves by lurking in your channels to index all the links you receive, so you never lose a link again.

Chuck Norris

No, that’s not a typo, that’s Chuck Norris. As you probably know, there’s a perfect Chuck Norris quote or joke for just about every single moment in life, and with the Chuck Norris Slackbot you can get them on demand by typing /chuck or receive especially relevant ones in certain categories by entering /chuck -cat.

Ye Bot

Kanye West tweets directly in your Slack channel because why not?