Your New Response Manager on Slack — AceBot

  • Dec 10, 2015

In the business world, our life ends up becoming the result of the responses we give out and most of the time this is a messy procedure that results in us being riddled with trepidation. Employee satisfaction is achieved through better responses, as everyone’s happiness combined is extremely beneficial for the organization and its customers. The course of effective management depends on your team’s response which must be assessed time and again.AceBot helps you run polls, send rating questionnaires and collect responses from your team across multiple communities so we can achieve a more powerful and peaceful way of communication.

AceBot is a response manager that will ensure your teams response management to be a hassle-free procedure through the creation of polls within Slack (slack poll integration) This will enable you to implement different response processing functionalities and collect responses in real time with rigid data security policies in place. The creation of surveys and polls can help organizations reach an agreement fast while ratings can help in understanding an organization’s team’s preferences to provide a more improved experience. A RSVP response to an event can help an organisation stay more methodical and precise with their invite list. AceBot also helps to speed up the process of waiting on any reviews and responses almost instantaneously and consequently by reaching an agreement quickly. With more Chatlets on its way, AceBot will soon be the solution for all response collection needed within Slack. This response manager assimilates all vital services into one flexible solution integrated in slack channels. It is a free integration with no hidden costs. AceBot claims that its internal time target of less than 5 minutes from setup to response collation with the capability to download responses in a CSV format for further analysis.

Tracking responses today has become tougher than before as businesses continue to go global and organizations continue to expand. AceBot hopes to channel this gap by collecting real-time responses within your pre-existing channel, thus leveraging the power of your community. This has proven to work as a cross functional chain that results in improved response rates.