Surveys Humanized

Transform your surveys into engaging conversations

Emotion Enabled Surveys

Eliminate the manual process of identifying sentiment on open ended responses. You can now ask your users open ended questions and understand instantly how they feel. AceBot's Emotion AI will identify the sentiment behind each statement and assign a Positive, Neutral or a Negative tag to it, in real-time, and trigger a set of questions based on this emotion. That's how you get AI to work for you more efficiently!



Conversational Surveys

This is the smarter world of conversational surveys, where better survey experience equals higher response rates. A survey that is led by an artificial assistant {Bot} that guides your survey respondents to complete a previously tedious survey through a fun and interactive conversation, all done on chat! AceBot comes with all the web-survey features you love with the added benefit of having a conversation with your respondents.


Survey Building

Multiple question types, pre-built survey templates, share image, share video, share animated gifs, multilingual surveys, drag and drop questions, data validation, WebChat and Messenger surveys.

Survey Logic

Advance survey logic, jump logic, skip logic, auto start survey, question & answer piping, qualifying questions, advance conditions.

Survey Experience

Share survey link via email, social, web or mobile. You can also embed your bot directly into your web page.

AceBot's responsive web chat can be accessed across all devices, giving you the power to have a conversation with your customers, employees and research audience


White labelled surveys, custom welcome and exit messages, personalized survey experience, custom error messages, NLP integrated.


Real time data, question charts and summaries, data exports (CSV).


Direct API access.

Team Collaboration

Team sharing, add additional users.