Research studies through Bot-led conversations

Not sure on how to leverage the technology? Leave it to us! We can run your entire research study using our chatbot lead survey technology, making sure you achieve your respondent count by reaching the right audience and providing you the data you need to make your research a success.

Your Research Assistant

At AceBot, we understand the importance of research and have equipped ourselves with the right partners giving us access to some of the most hard to reach audiences across the globe to help you achieve your research goals.


We have partnered and integrated our solution with the worlds leading panel solutions to help us your research audience. Reach your audience based on Gender, Location, Education, Industry, Profession, Interest, Device used and so much moreā€¦

Niche Panel

Get survey respondents based on profile or industry verticals of your choice. Audience profiled for IT, Auto, Travel, Mobile, Health & Wellness and Finance

How does it work?


Send us an email with your research needs at or chat with our bot here


Our team will contact you to get details about your audience profile, questionnaire and sample size


We will work on your behalf to create the conversational survey and collect responses against your survey


You receive research data right in your dashboard

If you would like us to run a research study for you, please talk to us here or send us an email to

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