How can I get sentiment automatically from a survey?

Picture this:

You want to know what your customers think about your services, in their own words…

You create an open ended survey and send it to them.

Your customers respond with their thoughts, you take this and manually tag the sentiment behind it (Positive, Neutral, Negative).

You create another survey to help you understand a little more on why they feel that way (so, I guess you create 3 different surveys?)

You send your customers a follow-up survey based on your tagging output, and you wait…

And scene!

Sound familiar?

Now, let's try this with some AI

You create an AceBot survey (yes, just one!)

You ask your open ended question. Enable Emotion AI (just a simple check-box). Your customer responds. And they are instantly asked a set of questions based on their sentiment, in real-time.

You. Are. Done.

Think about it. You have, almost immediately, eliminated multiple surveys and the manual effort by simply adding AceBot’s Emotion AI surveys.

Enabling Emotion AI

Emotion AI only works for open-ended questions. To enable it, simply click the check-box.

We have made AI work for surveys. Simple. Efficient.

Create your AceBot account here (the first 100 responses are free)!