How do I personalize survey to my customers?

Its 2018, yet our surveys are living in 1999!

You want to hear from your customers, but your customer just don’t want to answer another boring form.

The questions get modified, researched and picked by a few colleagues. Result? No dice!

It's time to start thinking differently.

Maybe it's not your questions, your surveys just aren’t keeping your customers engaged and personalized.

Here is how you should personalize your surveys: -

AceBot surveys are intelligent (the I in AI 😊).

Apart from having a conversation-like structure to your surveys, you can create highly personalized surveys. Here are a few things your surveys can do:

Use the response from a previous question in the next question, like so:

Q1: May I have your first name? (Tip: Make sure you select “Name” from the drop down in the question)
A: My name is John
Q2: It's great to meet you {{Q1}}

This will pick the response from Q1 and insert that into the next question. Voila! You have just taken the first step to personalization.

You can do this for any question. Customer chose Product A as preferred option? Ask them why they chose Product A, like so:

Q3: Which of the following products you prefer?
Product A     Product B
A: Product A
Q4: Could you tell me why you prefer {{Q3}}?

Get it?

There is so much more you can do with your AceBot surveys. Let your imagination run free and get creative with your surveys.

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