Introduction To AceBot Conversational Tool

AceBot is an AI based conversational survey tool that helps you create engaging surveys and receive higher response rates up to 85% as compared to standard web form surveys.

Acebot supports adding of multiple message types. Some wait for input, others validate the input when received and others act as a simple message. A combination of these make your survey bot appear more human like.

What is a Bot?

Chatbots, simply put, is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users. AceBot runs your survey using the power of conversational chatbots to help you achieve higher response rates by chatting with your survey respondents.

Think of your bot in AceBot as a Folder or a Project that can hold multiple survey files within it that allows you to jump from one survey to the next.

Why do I need this?

Having multiple surveys under one bot gives your survey the added boost of personalization and ease of user for each respondent. E.g. You can ask the respondent for their name in the first survey and the next survey will pick the name up without having to ask the name again. Additionally, this gives you the flexibility to jump from one survey to the next based on conditions.

Here are a few things that are consistent across our survey configuration user interface: -

  • Auto Save: Any changes made to the survey gets automatically saved. A green “Saved” box appears on the bottom left of your survey configuration screen confirming the changes have been saved.
  • Question Box: This refers to the box surrounding every question/message bubble. A preview to the message is displayed until the question box is clicked. On selection of the question box, you will automatically be shifted to the design mode. In order to edit the text in the question box, click on the text or the question bubble.
  • Preview vs Live: After configuring your survey, you can test it using the “Preview” feature, present on the top left, beside the AceBot logo. Upon clicking the preview button, a new window will open on your browser and the chat survey would have begun.. No data gets saved when you test your survey in the preview link. This prevents your "Completes Counter" from increasing when you are testing your surveys function.
    In order to share the live version of your survey, click on the “Share” button present beside the “Preview” button. The live survey link would get copied to your clipboard
  • Data retention: AceBot flushes out response data after 60 or 90 days based on the subscription plan opted by you. This is done in order to enable you to be GDPR compliant.Each response received on your survey will be stored on our server for either 60 days or 90 days from the date of receipt. Make sure you download your responses weekly/monthly to avoid loss of data.
    The free subscription plan of 100 responses will store each response for 60 days only.
  • Re-Using Responses (Personalization): This refers to the personalisation feature where you can use the response received from previous question and use it in your follow-up questions. The best example of this feature is seen when you ask for your respondent’s name and use the response in your follow-up questions.

    Bot: Hey my name is Marc! May I know your name?
    User: My name is Paul.
    Bot: Hey Paul, nice to meet you!

    This can be achieved by using the following format: {{QUESTION-NAME}}. So, the above conversation in your survey configure environment would look like: -

    Q1 Hey my name is Marc! May I know your name?
    Q2 Hey {{Q1}}, nice to meet you!

    Here, “Q1” and “Q2” are the question names.

  • Responses & Completes Counter: AceBot maintains two counters under the tab “Responses”, i.e. Responses and Completes.

    Responses is defined as the reply of a respondent to one, more than one or all the questions in the survey. The response counter increases by +1 even if the user exits the survey without answering all the questions but answers at least one question (Partial). Please note that the response counter will not increase if a respondent opens your survey but does not answer any question.

    Completes are defined as a count for the number of people who answered all the questions in your survey. The counter increases by 1 when a respondent reaches the last question/statement of the survey. The counter does not increase when the survey is marked as disqualified or the respondent's session is terminated abruptly.

    In order to simplify: - Responses = Completes + Non-Completes/Drop-Offs/Partial