Remember Response

AceBot provides a unique “Remember” feature which saves the response of a user to a particular question in a survey by the question name and allows you to use the response as a custom field in a different survey, within the same bot. The functionality can be accessed by enabling the slider present at the bottom left of the question bubble. For Example: -

Bot X has 2 surveys – Survey A and Survey B. In survey A, you ask the user for his name and enable the "Remember Me" feature by clicking on the toggle. In Survey B, you don’t ask the question again but instead, you use the response collected from Survey A into Survey B.

Just like the ‘Re-using Responses’ section, you can insert the response received from Survey A into Survey B by typing “{{ENV_EX_QUESTIONNAME}}” in any question, where you want the bot to display the saved information.

In this case of saving name and re-using it, the environment variable will be {{ENV_EX_Q1}}